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Comprehensive top management consulting and implementation

GCN Consulting supports organizations on the base of a comprehensive and integrating, holistic understanding of management and leadership in many areas of enterpreneurial challenges. The broad understanding of management is based on the original St. Gall approach of applied management sciences. Main sources are system theory, (bio-)cybernetics and analogy to viable systems. Together with our clients we work on individual, forward-looking solutions and are also ready for new ways. This includes applied research as well as personel and group development.

It's our intention to create value in collaboration with our clients based on partnership, to care for good and long-term relationsships with our clients and to be a reliable partner for whatever problems of upper and medium managementto be solved.
Our Principles and Believes

Seven Principles guaranteeing Quality!

1. Customer Orientation
Consultancy process and results are tailor-made for the individual situation of the client. We are working at any location, whereever it fits best.

2. Practical Relevance
All services are based on theoretical thinking, but exactly applied and tuned to the concrete needs of the client in his specific situation.

3. System Approach
The system apporach helps to avoid fragmentaric design and ensures holistic solutions.
4. Internationality
The clients may task GCN Consulting for local and international missions.

5. Team Work
Our solutions are developed together with the employees of the client. This creates best prerequisites for a successful implementation. Bilateral coaching initiatives with responsible leaders complete the team work.

6. Societal Relevance
Our problem solving shall be ecologically sustainable and socially responsible.

7. Partnership
A network with capable external partners allows best solutions for a broad variety of management problems.