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What we do

Consulting - Implementation - Second Opinion

Die GCN Consulting's activities consist of projects to support mandators with concepts and implemenation in the devlopment of strategies, struktural designs and capabilities.

To ensure successfull projects GCN Consulting also supports top management with indipedant second opinions on the progress of management projects. This allows our clients to take advantage of the broad experience of GCN Consulting and to support the internal organisation with quality assurance for change projects>.
Services performed

Individually customized projects

Our consulting activities include:

The School of Thinking (TSOT)- shaping minds for the future Strategy development for complex situations Development and supervision of investement strategies Organisational structures and processes Post Merger Integration Synergetic and simplified design of regulatory obligatons Design and Implementaton of management information Optimisation of sales and services Technology management Integrated quality management Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) Risk and crisis management Human resources management Design development of incentive systems Management of business and familiy problem olving and logics of communication Independant second opinions


together with the mandators's management on their premises

Our mandator most often are leader in the service industry. They are employing up to ten thousand employees and are making revenues of several billions of Euro.

GCn is proud to serve leading organisations in the follwing industries:

insurance and financial services Non-profit-organisations, associations, foundations, societies, communities Technology based service providers Public administrations and service providers of the public administration food and trade
GCN Consulting is known for reaching the defnied goals in time and in budget.

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